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Types Of Squirrels

  • Red Squirrels
  • Grey Squirrels
  • Southern Flying Squirrels
  • Rock Squirrels
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    Common Types Of Squirrels

    Red Squirrel

    The red squirrel is noted for its striking appearance and is noisier than other tree dwelling squirrels. Red squirrels are very vocal especially when presented with a threat. Red squirrels are active throughout the year and do not hibernate. The red squirrel has a wide ranging diet that includes pinecones, seeds, nuts, flower buds, and even bird eggs. They have even been known to eat mushrooms that are fatal to humans. Red squirrels are so highly territorial that a female red squirrel will only let a male red squirrel in her immediate area when she is ready to breed. Fights are common but injury rarely occurs. Red squirrels typically mate in the same months that the gray squirrel and other squirrels such as the Southern flying squirrel and the rock squirrel mate. The average litter of the red squirrel is 4 to 5 Squirrel Babies.

    The Red Squirrel in the Attic is a nuisance and can cause a lot of damage. They will make their nest in your chimney if possible and we get many calls about Red Squirrels in Chimneys. If you think you have a problem with a red squirrel, please call one of our squirrel removal specialists to assist you with your red squirrel problem. Female red squirrels can be very aggressive when defending their young so you should never tried to handle or Trap a red squirrel.

    Southern Flying Squirrel

    The Southern flying squirrel does not actually fly as its name implies. With the loose skin between its four and hind legs it simply jumps from a elevated position, extends its arms and legs and glides to its desired destination. Southern flying squirrels have been known to glide over 300 feet. Southern flying squirrels are one of the only squirrels that are nocturnal in nature. Southern flying squirrels are one of the most secretive squirrels in existence. They are shy and bashful and are rarely if ever seen by humans.

    The Southern flying squirrel diet consists of nuts, seeds, berries and has also been known to the insects such as moths and centipedes. Southern flying squirrels are a type of communal squirrel because they like to live large communities. A large community of flying squirrels can number between 20 and 40 squirrels. The southern flying squirrel has the same breeding schedule as the gray squirrel, the red squirrel and the rock squirrel. Typically the Southern flying squirrel will have anywhere between two and seven squirrel babies that will leave the nest and fend for themselves at the young age of five weeks.

    Southern flying squirrels can become a nuisance when they make your attic their home. Southern flying squirrels can be tricky to get rid of because the Southern flying squirrel is very small which makes them hard to trap. Most of the time when a attic has a infestation of Southern flying squirrels professional squirrel exclusion is needed to totally eliminate the Southern flying squirrel population. Squirrel exclusion is the process of sealing the exterior portion of an attic and leaving one small opening with a mechanical tunnel mechanism that lets the squirrel leave the premises but not reenter. This process is a must when dealing with Southern flying squirrels.

    Gray Squirrels

    The Eastern gray squirrel is a tree squirrel that is native to the eastern and midwestern United States and can also be found in portions of southern Canada. The gray squirrel is not native to the US but has been introduced to parts of the western United States. Where it is found, it thrives because the gray squirrel can adapt easily to most situations. Gray squirrels are the types of squirrels which most wildlife removal companies get calls for. Their breeding season runs from December to February and the grey squirrel has a gestation period of approximately 44 days and have anywhere between 2 and 10 baby squirrels.

    The most common food source for the gray squirrel includes fruits, berries, nuts, and seeds. You can often see the gray squirrel in neighborhoods searching for food in order to stash it for the winter. Even though the Eastern gray squirrel is not a hibernating squirrel it stores its nuts for the tough winter months because food is not readily available. This is a very unique adaptive behavior that has been learned by the squirrels over the course of thousands of years.

    Gray squirrels will make your attic their home. The damage associated with gray squirrels is huge. They do a lot of damage to Wooden fascias, vent screens and other wooden parts of your home. Gray squirrels should not be a welcome guest in your home. Contact one of our qualified squirrel removal professionals to handle any gray squirrel removal problem.
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