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    Remove Squirrel in Attic

    Damage from Squirrel in AtticSquirrels in the attic are a very common call the most wildlife removal in wildlife control companies handle. Squirrels can be one of the most dangerous animals to have in the attic area of your home.

    What makes a squirrel so dangerous to have in your attic area of your home is the fact that they continually chew anything they can get their teeth on. With a squirrel being a member of the rodent family their front two teeth grow continuously throughout their lives making them feel like they need to chew on wood, wires, sheetrock, screen, vents, electrical wires and any other thing they can possibly to on.

    There are several types of squirrels that we have trouble with, The most common type of squirrel that we have trouble with living in people's attics are the gray squirrels. Gray squirrels are about the size of a large rat and has a bushy tail. The gray squirrel is known for its tremendous climbing ability. Gray squirrels are seen around the neighborhood usually climbing on the power lines and jumping from limb to limb to get where they need to go, they are one of the most agile creatures in the United States.

    Squirrels in my Attic

    Squirrels in your Attic

    Squirrels get into attics for several reasons, the first reason that a squirrel will get into the attic area of your home is because it provides adequate shelter. The attic area of your home is a wonderful place for a squirrel to live, sleep, spend long winter days and have babies. Baby squirrels are born usually in the month of April or May, the average litter of gray squirrels consist of approximately 4 to 6 baby squirrels.

    Flying Squirrels

    Flying squirrels is another type was nuisance squirrel that wildlife control operators get many calls for especially in the winter. These squirrels are nocturnal meaning they only come out and feed at night. Flying squirrels can become a nuisance when they are trying to build a nut cash in your attic at night. This makes a tremendous amount on the noise and is often described by the customer that it sounds like someone is rolling bowling balls around in their attic.

    Flying squirrels are also a member of the rodent family and just like the gray squirrel will chew anything you can get a hold of the file down its front teeth. No type of squirrel should be a welcome guest in your attic and whatever precautions is prescribed by the wildlife removal company should be done to keep the squirrels out of your attic.
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