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    Remove Squirrel in Chimney

    Damage from Squirrel in AtticAnother call that many wildlife removal companies receive in the spring and fall of the year is for squirrels in the chimney. Squirrels in the chimney can be a difficult problem to tackle because the limited accessibility to the squirrels and their nest.

    Squirrels build their nests in chimneys because they have easy access to relatively safe and secure and dry surroundings. For a wildlife control professional, Squirrels in the chimney is a problem that is very similar to the squirrels in the attic.

    The difference between a squirrel in the chimney and a squirrel in the attic, is the ease of reaching the squirrels. Squirrels that are in your chimney are usually more difficult to get to and will require several hours to extract the mommy squirrel and all the baby squirrels. We will also need to remove the nest in a clean and efficient manner to avoid any risk of a fire hazard. Squirrel Damage

    After the squirrel in the chimney has been eliminated you should look into having your entire chimney area disinfected and deodorize. You should also have a quality chimney cap installed by a professional to prevent the possibility of a reinfestation of squirrels in your chimney.

    Most typically the problem with a squirrel in your chimney is related to a grey squirrel. Gray squirrels can be very aggressive after they have had their babies and this problem should not be resolved by anyone but a professional wildlife removal company. Remember, squirrels can and will bite. Although squirrels are not high on the list of rabies carriers, it is certainly possible that a squirrel will carry such a disease.
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